A Love of Many Colors


If you ask Dolly what her new album, Pure and Simple, is about, her answer is just as “pure and simple”. It’s about love.

“It’s like a love of many colors. True love, lasting love, all-time love, cheating love, sexy love, romantic love….I just had to cover it all.”

“I did it in a very simple way, where I tried to be true to each song and not over produce it. I produced it and wrote it, so it was a very organic thing for me.” She says a lot of the songs sound like her early productions, and her fans are in heaven.

If you experience Dolly in any way, you can’t help but note the layers of love that make her such an icon in the LBGT community. And you can’t help but love her back.

Dolly’s Colors of Love

Love of Performing
This tour boasts a myriad of different sized venues, from stadiums to theaters. Does Dolly care whether it’s 1,700 or 17,000 seats at her show? “I just always look forward to seeing the fans, in whatever venue they stick me. I just try to do my job!” Her ‘job’ is one that can only be done like Dolly can do it. “Hopefully I’ll be sold out,” she says with complete innocence. It’s almost like Dolly doesn’t know she is THE Dolly, and that’s just perfect.

Would Dolly do a duet with someone current? She has shared the stage with everyone from Kenny Rogers to Diana Ross and Willie Nelson, but she has also given us duets with Queen Latifah and Norah Jones. The odds are good, and specifically she says she may want to do something with Adele and also, Miley Cyrus. “Who knows who I might show up singing with!”

One of the highlights of the Pure and Simple tour is the intimacy and strong interaction with the live audiences that Dolly is really excited about. “I’m focused on them and they are focused on me. They seem to be really liking it and I’m enjoying it myself!”

She says that it seems like the audiences can hear her better and concentrate more, without big productions and things distracting them in the background.

“I’ve always loved my band, I love singing with great musicians and singers but this has been nice; where I don’t have to sing over or sing too hard or force myself to kind of rise to the sound.” The album itself lends itself to the beauty of simplicity, locked in a collection of deeper, heartfelt lyrics. “It’s actually been a very pleasant enjoyable thing for me as well as the fans.”

Love of Everyone
Dolly has always been an open-hearted loving icon in the LGBT communities. She fills people with hope and the desire to love more in their own life.

“I just think people should get over themselves and start thinking about what would make this world a happier and better place; and a good place to start would to be to allow people to be free and happy in their own selves. I just can’t imagine that you can be happy judging and criticizing other people all the time. What kind of life is that? I’d rather go with the flow and love everybody. Maybe God will love me more for loving more.”

Timeless Love
One of Dolly’s favorite tracks on her new album reminds us that love has no age. When you hear “I’m 16”, it’s easy to get swept away in the notion that love knows no age.

Based on one of her sisters who had been through some bad relationships who finally found true love, Dolly and her family likened the love to that of teenagers, and a great song was written.

“I had the most fun writing that song, I was by myself in my little apartment. I got the biggest kick out of it.”

“Love is so rejuvenating, it makes you feel young again,” Dolly says, then shares a line from her song: “It goes to show you’re never old unless you choose to be.”

Love of Community
When asked about plans to tour various Pride festivals in 2017, surprisingly, Dolly responded, “Nobody has asked me about that,” she laughed. “It sounds like a good idea!” Yes, it does.

Inside Scoop: She may be a bit busy next year, she reveals. Dolly is going to produce some television shows and possibly even be in a series, she says. We’ll keep a close eye on those developments, stay tuned to Unite for more Dolly on television (finally)!

“I’m glad you love the album, and I’d be happy to sing it to anyone that would love to hear it!” She did hint that she’d be doing some appearances next year so we’ll cross our fingers for a Nashville Pride appearance.

Love of Writing
Writing has always come easy to the country icon. With her heartfelt lyrics on this new album, she bases her ideas on real and people that inspire her to tell a story. She says it has never been an issue, or much pressure.

“I’ve never really thought that I’ve had writer’s block. I write all the time, and I don’t feel like I have to write.” She said the closest she’s come to a block was a “writer’s stall” for a couple of days, once.

“I just write all the time. I don’t write because I have to, I write because I want to. I’ve been doing it all since I was little. I’ve got a thousand songs, and I don’t really feel desperate. I got so many more laying there, I just pick ‘em up and rework ‘em!”

Dolly says she writes for everybody, and the new album is proof of that.

Love of Her Fans
When asked about her loyal LGBT fan base, she says, “They know I love them, and they know I accept everybody for who they are.”

Dolly noted that she had a lot of gay and lesbian family members, co-workers, and friends.

“I just love people, I don’t even think about whether you’re straight or gay. I just love you because I love you. I think people respond to that to. I don’t judge people. I think everybody should be allowed to be exactly who they are and to love exactly who they love.”

Dolly’s no stranger to the longing to be accepted herself. “I’ve always wanted people to accept me for who I am. I’ve always been persecuted for the way I look. I just care about the soul and the heart of the people.”

It seems that everyone could take a page from the incredibly genuine book that is Dolly Parton. She just wants people to ‘get over themselves’, and to love each other as much as we can in this world, pure and simple.

Photo courtesy of CTK Management.