Hawaii is for Honeymooning


Hawaii.  This Pacific paradise was the last state admitted to the Union in 1959.  Having only been a state for barely half of a century, Hawaii still feels like an exotic island nation. The state’s capital, Honolulu, sits on the beautiful Island of Oahu.  Providing the perfect combination of tourism, metropolitan, and tropical hideaways, Honolulu is the perfect place for the honeymooning homosexual.

Many think that a trip to Hawaii is far beyond their budget allows. However, airfare and hotel accommodations are comparable to a trip to Vegas.

Speaking of accommodations, Waikiki Beach’s Hotel Renew provides the perfect balance of luxury and local flavor. This boutique hotel is nestled a stone’s throw from the beach and boasts breathtaking ocean-view rooms. Up-scale, modern, and clean, Hotel Renew is LGBT-friendly. Upon checking in, the staff welcomes guests with delicious pineapple juice and warm, steamed towels.  Adorned with a beautiful water feature, Hotel Renew’s lobby provides a lovely breakfast buffet which doubles as a bar in the evenings. With affordable rates, Hotel Renew is certainly the perfect place for LGBT-honeymooners.

Plan to spend several days at the beach to unwind and enjoy the sensational seascape.  On at least one of those days, make it a late one. Hawaiian sunsets are stunning and are best viewed from a beach chair. If you’re feeling adventurous, there are plenty of opportunities to take surfing lessons. If that’s not for you, it’s certainly fun to watch others try!

While staying on Waikiki Beach, couples must take an afternoon adventure to Diamond Head. Part of the Honolulu Volcanic Series, Diamond Head is a volcanic tuff cone. Don’t be mistaken, Diamond Head is not an active volcano. It was designated a US National Landmark in 1968. Open to the public, Diamond Head provides a trail to the top, for hikers to view the stunning ocean and surrounding landscape of Oahu.

The Island of Oahu is also home to the historic Pearl Harbor.  This historical site is a must-see for everyone visiting the island. Roberts Hawaii, a local tour company, is a fantastic way to experience Pearl Harbor. Their friendly tour guides pick up guests at their hotels and shuttle them to Pearl Harbor in a comfortable, air-conditioned (this is important folks) bus.  Once at Pearl Harbor, Roberts Hawaii guests are able to bypass the long ticketing lines and are provided free audio-guided tours narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis.

The two must-see parts of Pearl Harbor are the USS Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri tour. Sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona’s memorial is built over its final resting place. The USS Missouri, docked next to the USS Arizona Memorial, was the location of the Japanese surrender, which marked the end of World War II. Like bookends, the two ships proudly serve as the beginning and ending markers of the United States’ involvement in the war.

With so much to see and do, it’s recommended honeymooners stay more than a week to enjoy one another and everything Oahu has to offer. To find out more about the Island of Oahu, click here.

Pictured: Sunset over Waikiki Beach by Blake Kniffin