HIV & Primary Care Under One Roof


In August 2015, Damien Cares Clinic opened its doors to begin seeing patients who are living with HIV in Central Indiana. Housed within The Damien Center in Indianapolis’ Holy Cross neighborhood, this new health care clinic offers both HIV care and primary care to patients—a rarity among providers and a distinguishing factor for the newly established organization.

Established as part of a $1.3 million capacity building grant from The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis, the clinic will offer HIV care, primary care, and transgender care, as well as, in collaboration with The Damien Center, medical case management, mental health and substance abuse counseling services, and access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) for those at substantial risk for contracting HIV. The clinic is open to any individual living with HIV or at high risk of acquiring HIV.

Using a model designed to eliminate disparities in healthcare for underserved populations of people living with HIV/AIDS, the clinic’s co-location within The Damien Center is key to maximizing opportunities for clinic patients to access services that improve quality of life and overall wellness. These supportive services range from housing and financial assistance to nutritional support. Through the clinic’s partnership with the Center, all patients of Damien Cares will have access to the full range of services offered by the Center, according to eligibility requirements for each program.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, individuals living with HIV who are on HIV medications and have achieved viral suppression not only experience better personal health, fewer infections, and fewer chronic illnesses—they also decrease the risk of transmitting the virus to others. The partnership established between Damien Cares Clinic and The Damien Center improves accessibility to both medical care and critical supportive services. Improved accessibility to a clinic, mental health services, substance abuse counseling, and medical care coordination improve compliance with medical care and HIV treatment resulting in reduced viral loads, healthier individuals, and a healthier community.

Anyone interested in scheduling an appointment or learning more about Damien Cares should contact the clinic at 317-423-0130.

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Photo courtesy of Damien Cares Clinic