Local Star: Shannon Lashley


L.A. Security Inc. maintains a safe and secure environment for customers and employees by establishing and enforcing security policies and procedures for all.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, L.A. Security Inc. has over 18 years experience in Security. Owned by local LGBT entrepreneur Shannon R. Lashley, the company provides all types of security services in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. L.A. Security Inc. services can be customized and combined to meet the security requirements of any organization.

“We work closely with each client, listening carefully and applying our expertise to offer a security solution that meets our specialized training and your specific service needs.”

Why did you start this company?

I have worked for other Security companies for several years and decided that I am just tired of watching employees being mismanaged & mistreated.  I decided to start my own company to begin a better way and try to make a difference. I want my employees to be treated well at the work place and still have a good strong security company

What is unique about Lashley America?

I am one of the few minority females not only at the Chief level but own my own business. I plan to grow and expand the business yet still provide customized and personalized service to our customers. I also want to provide Safety & Security and teach Crime Prevention.

Do you specialize in anything specific?

Customized and personalized Safety & Security Services along with Crime Prevention tips. We also provide Guard Services included armed and unarmed, uniformed and plain clothes officers. In addition, we can provide Special Event Security, Fire Watch, Loss Prevention, Crowd Control, Traffic Control, Concert Security and Body Guard Services.

What are your plans for growth in the next 12 months?

The main plan is to obtain more business accounts. My sales representative and I hope to reach more clients in the next 12 months to help the business grow and expand. I plan to increase my work force by adding some additional training and certification for the officers. We also plan to work with the LGBT Chamber for the Employer Diversity certification and attend some of the seminars that they offer for my additional training and knowledge.

What charitable organizations have you supported in the past 12 months either personally or through the business? 

So far we have supported Nashville Pride, the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Nashville Black Pride, Nashville CARES and Toys for Tots. I also work with MAC Productions.

If you can meet anyone in the world…who would it be and why?

I would like to meet Warren Buffett and Oprah. They are some of the richest people in the world. I will love to speak with them one on one and talk money and suggestions on how to build and maintain my business. I would also like to know how their success has affected them personally.